Jun 17, 2016 · 2 min read

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

Smartphone functionality advances have truly transformed the devices, causing them to be very convenient in the modern world. Whether you love listening to music or making the most recent videos and flicks, share photos as well as other business documents and files, anyone can do all of it from any given location possibly at any given time if you have a smartphone. Manufacturers continue to unveil more advances with each and every new device they introduce in the market and also the future looks only brighter just for this industry. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the smartphones you will discover on the market and it has turned into a popular device because of a few features. samsung s6 edge kilif

The Physical Features

The smartphone runs on the Android Lollipop main system and possesses an internal memory of 32GB and 3GB RAM. Measuring 5.1 inches and weighing 132 g, it is a device you will enjoy using and carrying with you each day for your needs.

This smartphone could be the world’s first phone with dual edge display. The display is thermoformed in a way that it creates an integrated edge screen that will bend to supply a differentiated pioneering design that just goes to show the superior expertise of the device. The perimeters are curved for much better grips and examine enhancement. The curvature offers a view that is much more a widescreen TV view making every experience pleasant.

It features a near invisible bezel on screen design that provides greater entry to numerous phone screen area possibly at the same time also increases the users viewing experience. This product has bright vivid images in all of the light conditions and possesses enhanced outdoor visibility to produce use within sunlight environment perfectly. It possesses a high pixel density of 577ppi to offer that ultimate viewing experience in any given location and also at any moment of day whatever the climatic conditions.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features a rapid voice command response. This is a feature that will save you sufficient time and effort you can have used touching the various buttons to get into the functions which you will want. You are able to personalize the device utilizing a nickname after which give commands. There is an feature very helpful, especially in situations where movement has been restricted.

With all the smartphone, communication has become come to a whole new level. You’ll be able to color code your selected contact on edge screen in order that when you’re getting notifications you’ll be able to tell from who they may be while using the colours. It indicates that you could know the contact for virtually any email, missed call or message you get even when the phone is face-down. The advantage screen is unquestionably convenient and intuitive offering an experience that has not been enjoyed before. samsung s6 edge kilif

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