The case for bigger government

Sam Bowman
Aug 16 · 9 min read
  • Redistribution
  • Solid-R-ity


Climate change

  • Also don’t work if people are demand inelastic for carbon-heavy goods – basically trade off future climate risks for present consumption.
  • Require international tax co-operation which is extremely unlikely. Otherwise it risks having negative impact on trade and investment i.e country with lowest carbon tax is more attractive.

Point two is that we need more redistribution.

Income inequality as measured by the Gini coefficient rose by about 36% in the 1980s under Thatcher, but the real story is the share of income that goes to people at the very top:

Point three is about solidarity.

The state can provide social unity better than any other institution, and universal public services are often much better than means-tested ones.

To conclude:

Countries like Germany and France, which are richer than the UK and as rich respectively, prove that more regulations don’t make you poorer.

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