TL;DR I built the web-site where you can explore the Stack Overflow questions referenced in the source code in Github. Check it out in

I am a big fan of Google Cloud Platform, especially I love its data warehouse implementation called BigQuery. In summer of 2016 Github and Google made the open-source data available for everyone in BigQuery, here are the mind boggling numbers:

This 3TB+ dataset comprises the largest released source of GitHub activity to date. It contains a full snapshot of the content of more than 2.8 million open source GitHub repositories including more than 145 million unique commits, over 2 billion different file paths, and the contents of the latest revision for 163 million files, all of which are searchable with regular expressions. …

‘Member circa 2010 when we used a pretty simple approach to implement the Login function in our web-applications? It was so awesome! HTML Form elements gave us everything we need: attributes to specify the server-side handler, input controls for username, password and “remember me” checkbox, submit button. HTML5 allowed us to ensure that the fields are not empty without relying on JavaScript code. …

The other day I came across a hilarious tweet

It’s funny indeed, but at the same time it’s the typical showcase of Cargo Cult Programming — ritual inclusion of code or program structures that serve no real purpose. It might seem to be an edge case, a funky thing that couldn’t be really met in the real-world, but let’s review a piece of code from the highly rated — more than 8000 Github stars — project called Calypso.

Calypso is the new front-end — a beautiful redesign of the WordPress dashboard using a single-page web application, powered by the …


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