My dear Ex, we were the end of us and yes, I share the blame.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

We were good from the start — the first few months, our ships were in sync as we sailed together, precious memories created…till you rocked us, disrupted our “chi” — relationship between the wind and the ocean’s surface — you brought the storm on us.

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

We had no choice but to let the anchor down hoping it holds; it held and we weathered-the-storm…but when you were ready to sail again, you found out my ship had already sailed…sadly

You called me out a number of times; I heard the ahoy and tried to turn back the hand of time but it was far fetched (you can’t force what won’t be)…the tides — the “things” that were always hard to forget — disrupted my flow back to you…I tried (maybe I should have tried harder or maybe not)

Photo by Pierre T. Lambert on Unsplash

In all sincerity (with my right hand raised) it was too hard to be back where we were — where everything was good — and even in the midst of the raging storm…I brought someone new on board, and we sailed together in secret (because she had a partner)

Out of everything I know how to do (apart from reciting the sailor’s creed) I do not know how to end something that was good (or thought was good), so I played along with my mindset on “the end is near”; then you found the text and that was the end. Now our ships pass each other like all we know is the nighttime

Photo by Andrew Measham on Unsplash

This is my message-in-a-bottle and I’m hoping you get to read this someday. I hope you forgive my sloppy ways too.

Happy New year to you, Ex. May 2018 be one of your best years on earth. So be it…