Technology at Just

A modern stack for scalable financial startups

At Just, we are building financial risk management systems for corporate treasurers, which requires us to handle large volumes of market data in real time, plus handle customer data and transactions with the security and reliability of a financial application.

Just’s FX Analytics product for corporate treasurers


Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform

Just is hosted on Google Cloud Platform


React, TypeScript, Stencil.js, Stylus, GraphQL

We have developed our own Just Elements web component library using Stencil.js


Go, Java 11, gRPC

Just is built with gRPC microservices which exchange Protobuf messages

Data Science

Timescale DB, Python, Jupyter Notebook, Metabase

We use Metabase to visualize high-level trends in our data set


Keycloak, Open Policy Agent

User authentication is handled through Keycloak, with templates styled using Just Elements

Build Pipeline

git, Bazel, GitLab CI

We use GitLab CI for our build and deployment process

Landing Page

Gatsby.js,, Netlify is built as a Gatsby static site and deployed to Netlify

The Future

Vault, Istio


This list isn’t exhaustive, and it will undoubtedly continue to evolve in the future. However, we feel it gives us a very stable foundation to deliver solid, scalable financial applications while still developing and releasing rapidly.

CTO at Just ( in Oslo, building risk management systems for corporate treasury. Formerly Engineering Director at Barclays & American Express.

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