Here’s What We Lost with Streaming
Paul Cantor

You could write pretty much exactly the same article about record shops (also used as music communities)

In my opinion, the digital ‘revolution’ has completely screwed and devalued the entire music world — both from an artistic and a business perspective

Record shops virtually disappeared, record sales through the floor, venues going bust, record companies making much less money and the consequent issues with signing fewer artists, and less adventurous ones…. the list goes on and on and on

After years and years of the endless merry go round of P2P, MP3s, blogs and streaming, I’ve recently gone back to mainly listening to vinyl and the radio! And it’s a much more pleasurable experience all round.

I read something interesting recently about the resurgence of vinyl: that the music industry is now making more money from vinyl sales alone than all the streaming services put together!!

I hope this is actually true, and if it is it really puts into sharp focus how streaming services really are the worst of all worlds and provide virtually no income for the artists OR the record companies, which is a completely unsustainable situation… thanks a lot Spotify, Youtube etc…

And the sound quality is terrible on streaming services too!

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