I’ve been working from home since I’ve been independent (3 years ago) and as an introvert, I must admit that I like it a lot. I see a lot of advantages, and almost no disadvantages.

But now that we all have to stay at home because of COVID-19, it is becoming very difficult to work from home for one simple reason: I am no longer alone.

No problem with my wife who now also works at home, but with a 7 year old boy who has to do home schooling at the same time, I decided that it was more…

Like most of us, I wasn’t born a tester. Even at school, I never said I wanted to be a tester. As a child, I probably wanted to be an astronaut or maybe a professional cyclist (the Tour de France caught up with me). So I started as a land surveyor, making maps (not mental maps) and preparing land for future airports, sports buildings, roads, mainly in French Polynesia.

Everyone knows Beren: he’s the TestSphere guy and he came in 2018 for a RiskStorming workshop during MixIt in Lyon. Today, as a former tester, a coach, a conference organiser or a Product Manager, he answers our questions in this new interview. Expect unusual answers!

Who are you, what are you doing, where are you working?

I’m Beren, a Belgian former-tester. I’m afraid I don’t have an easy answer to the question of what I do, as I do many things: Consult, create products, do workshops, help organise a conference and manage a company. All that… while traveling most of the time. I’m also homeless, you see. My address is at…

On 21/11/19 took place the first edition of the Paris Test Conf which is a conference created by software test enthusiasts and without sponsors. They were just helped by Agile France for some tasks: administration, looking for insurance, various and varied expenses to advance. When you are a volunteer and want to gather 150 people for a day at a reasonable price (150€ a day with breakfast, meals and drinks) this is a huge advantage. …

Lots of companies don’t have any Testing or QA Team, and in DevOps environment, most of them are thinking about adding a new role to start a new project for test automation. Maybe that you already have some unit tests, integration tests or service tests that are executed on your CI, and these have for sure been written by developers.

But what is the strategy behind that? Are these tests really relevant and useful? Are they passing all the time and not ignored? Do you need a new team to manage these test activities or is the actual team with…

Recruiting for a new hire, or finding a new job of your own, has never been easy. It becomes even more difficult when your profession is poorly known and often ill considered.

If you read blogs or magazines dedicated to software testing then you have probably encountered some of the common misconceptions about testing: that testing is mostly a repetitive and boring task, that testers are solely responsible for errors on production servers, that everything can be automated and therefore the job of the tester will disappear, that testers are unskilled developers, etc.

If the recruitment process is managed by…

Today, let’s talk about Man in the Middle method that allows anyone to track any traffic sent and received by a smartphone or a browser on your computer. Sometimes, you cannot put the data you want in your application, but if you can modify content received by a browser or an application just before sending it to the smartphone, then you have a very convenient way to test with on-demand data.

This is what I will explain in this article with a practical example.

I will focus on Testing in a desktop browser, but also with Android and iOS applications…

Have you ever heard of Crowd Testing (or Crowdsourced Testing)? Crowd Testing (not to be confused with Cloud Testing) is trending in the world of software testing, and uses the benefits and efficiency of crowdsourcing and cloud platforms.

This term is quite vague and can mean either asking feedback from users, or simply asking for advice on a new service or new version of the website. But this is also used to describe tests done by experts like you, dear readers. There are several cases, but the testers will generally be paid depending on the bugs found, or for the…

After Julien and Thierry, Stéphanie Desby is the third french tester to kindly answer our questions. As you will see, she defines herself as a tester/developer, currently in the company Vidal France, a company specializing in information on health products and Securing the prescription.

Who are you, what are you doing, where are you working?

I am a tester/developer at Vidal France. I’m responsible for testing the REST APIs and installers we deliver to our customers. I also have the ownership of automating some of those tests, hence the “/developer”.

How would you describe your work to a 6-year-old?

We’ve seen in a previous article how to evaluate a tester with a resume, a motivation letter or any other media (Linkedin, job board), etc.

Now that we sent back home all candidates who doesn’t match, let’s go ahead with a first interview.

Phone call or face to face?

Stéphane Colson

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