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Shailendra Dhungel
Aug 9, 2016 · 2 min read

“ Due to our low economic condition, I am frequently pressurized by my parents to leave my studies. I want to continue my studies as I want to do something in life and be independent. Even if I start earning to support my studies, its hard for me to travel for two hours every day to reach school. That’s why I feel I can’t continue my studies”


- A fourteen year old girl from Khotang.

“I am very scared and have no one to talk to. My Uncle has been molesting me for years, and now I cannot stand it anymore. But he tells me that if I disclose this with my parents, they will not believe me and that everyone will think I am a ‘bad’ girl. Please help me, what should I do?”


- A girl from Dang

These examples are the suppressed voices of two teenage ladies who have somehow found a way to share their feelings. But there are millions of girls around the world who have not found a way to express their thoughts out.

Meena, a 16 year old girl from Nepal is a very good student in her class. She takes part in many curricular and co-curricular activities. She is popular among her friends circle. She says that there are many things happening so fast in her life. Sometimes she alone cannot take decisions on her own. She feels that her friends do not always understand her feelings. Although her parents are very supportive, she cannot share everything with them. She is looking for some secure channel where she can put up her thoughts and if possible get good response.

Many girls in rural areas do not have excess to education. Whenever someone comes showing them different opportunities like becoming an actress, they are easily convinced. In this way they are trafficked across Nepal and India. If there had been a way where girls could express themselves, they may lead a better life at the moment.

There is no guidance counseling or advisory works being done at the grassroots level in Nepal. The people are busy in their individual life with their own problems. To solve this problem, technology seems to be the best solution.

There are so many adolescents like Meena who are searching for platform to share their feelings. Although there are several outlets like FM stations and numerous websites available, they have somehow not been able to reach to these kinds of people.

Sometimes counseling and advisory sessions prove to be expensive and people with such issues cannot afford. Keeping this in mind, can technology be used to create a platform to express out the voices of adolescents? With newer technologies coming in, could IoT devices or Raspberry Pi be used in some way to solve this issue?

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