More Coding Necessary

I have never been one for programming. I understand the value it has to the community and the world that we live in but its not something that I necessary caught on with and so I stayed clear. I came to this conclusion after trying to learn C++ and JS during my high school and early college days.

As some of you may know, I recently enrolled in the Udacity Data Analytics Nano-Degree and when doing some research I did my best to understand what kind of programming background, if any, was necessary to jump into this course and push ahead. From what I had gathered it was not a necessity to have much experience but rather understand the basics of what is happening. With how far I have gone, I am currently in the Python portion of this course and other sections include R and SQL. As I am not there yet, I cant speak to the R and SQL sections but for now I will speak about Python. From my personal experience, you will need more then the basics to get through this course. From the first lesson the instructor has you writing code to parse through data or basically organise it into something manageable. And thats something that not even Code Academy was able to get me prepared for.

I wish I had more information to supply you on how prepared you need to be to be successful in this class, especially on the python portion but it would be a case of the blind leading the blind. That being said I want to make sure you know there is more involved to this course then what may come off on the Udacity website or other places you read/hear.

Knowing this I am a bit stuck. I have a very tight deadline with this class as I want to finish it come the near year. That being said, having to learn an entire programming language takes a long time and it does not happen over one weekend. My plan at the moment is to split my time between the classes and teaching myself Python in the hope that I will be able to pick it up while I work though the project.

How this will work out? I don’t exactly know, but one thing is for sure. I will keep you filled in on the ride.