You’ll Hate Your First Job, I Guarantee It.

I recently graduated from college and just the other day I received my diploma in the mail. While in my final quarters at my university my peers and I were constantly in conversation about our futures and possible job prospects going forward. I am a lucky individual in that my peers are very smart and their prospects were in plentiful and were some very serious positions. When the conversation would eventually lead to me I never had an idea of where I would end up but my options were not as plentiful as theirs and that meant that I really had to keep my eyes open for what ever was available. When graduation did come I had a couple companies which I was very close to striking a deal but no offers expect one. This offer was for a operations and product testing/analyst position at Google as a contractor. I did accept the offer from them and I began a new chapter in my life, a new chapter of doing something new. My entire college career revolved around the field of finance and financial analysis but now I have found myself doing operation and product testing and I have started to like it and am looking towards a future in this line but maybe in a new industry or even in the same industry with the same team.

Now my career is not ideal and I understand that we all start somewhere and that we as the new generation in the work force have to put in our blood sweat and tears into our work to get to where we want to go. I am a firm believer in hard work, determination and a little bit of luck. But what I want to talk about is the notion that many of us have, including those of generations past that you wont like your first job and it is ok that you don’t have a passion for your first job or even love where you work and who you work with. I do not believe in this notion and I really find it odd that I hear it so often, especially for those of my age. I have noticed that a lot of individuals believe that to get to a job you love you have to go though careers that are dead end and that you loathe but why does that have to be the case. When an employee loves what they are doing they will do that much better then an individual who dislikes it and that should also apply to anyone applying for a job today. Why not apply to jobs that you love to do? Given you possess the skills necessary why not go for it and why not work for that rather then steeling for a base line job because that is a start for you.

My belief that doing what you love is strong and I will always believe that my peers and anyone entering the work for should always do what makes them happy because that is the only way they will be successful. I will leave you with something one of my favorite investor/entrepreneur/public speaker/overall amazing man once said in his famous youtube should titled “#AskGaryVee”. He was asked by a 20 some odd year what his view was when it came to applying to jobs and where to start, now I will be paraphrasing and I may be a bit off in what exactly he said, but he was saying to shoot for the moon and work down. Shoot for that job you really want and do all you can to get there and go form there. And that speaks volumes to me and the point I am trying to make.

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, always do what you love.