A Dance in The African Savannah

oh memories of my ancestral past

warm nights in the Gambian Savannah

moonlight hangs up in the sky

as summer left and winter came

sweet songs of the Fulani herdsmen

would summon us to dance

to songs of our ancestry and pride

men and women in starched gowns

under the twilight sky

pounced the earth with warrior stumps

singing to blues of the Jola tribe

the crowd flung hands around

swinging hips to sounds of the Djembe drums

under the spell of the healing African night

as we celebrated our diversity

with freedom songs of the Sererr

we drenched the earth with sweats of hope

dipping in unison to the Wolof sabarr

we cleansed our hearts off the demon

the Aku prayed for the holy moon to weave a new day

for us to rebuild our love and live free

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