Last evening I had gotten into a somewhat heated discussion with an acquaintance on Facebook over this Gorilla. The biggest thing that has me irritated is the fact that it was a week ago, let it go already. Second, I don’t care how much you try and convince me that there was no reason for them to kill him, you are wrong and you will lose.

Multiple factors go into play here:

  1. People try to argue he was only trying to protect the child. By dragging him around by his ankle? I’m pretty sure if I would even think of attempting this with my daughter, they would be finding a new home for her.
  2. The Cincinnati Zoo is not the Jungle Book. The Gorilla doesn’t all of a sudden take it in and make it one of his own and raise him as if he was a gorilla, Tarzan isn’t real people.
  3. There was so much to consider with either tranquilizing him or shooting him. The tranquilizer dart would take time to knock a 400+ pound gorilla out, how will he react to being shot? Will he harm the child more? What happens when he goes to sleep? It’s not like he’s just going to lie down to take a nap, he’s most likely going to collapse. where does he collapse, how does he collapse? He could fall face first in the moat of water and drown, then we would be right where we are now anyways. Or, he could collapse on top of the boy trapping him underneath him in the water causing him to drown. But would that be ok as long as the gorilla is still alive?

Put yourself in their shoes. It’s the same as being in the shoes of any first responder in a crisis situation. You have to make a split second decision, right or wrong, and it could end up affecting other peoples lives. Or, like in this case, what they think of you and the choices you have made. I for one feel that the right choice was made in this case, any other option put the boys life at risk.

All that being said, I do feel that the mother is to blame. If she was properly supervising her child and following all the posted rules and warning all this could have been avoided. I feel that he punishment should be, she should have to pay restitution to the Cincinnati Zoo for Harambe.

Does anybody know the going rate of a 17 year old 400 pound gorilla?

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