How Technology changed our lives

“Are you up to date with technology”? “Do you have the latest devices, thats currently in market”? Well think about one of the technology that you can not live without. Smartphone? iPad? or even your Macbooks.

The term Technology is wide and everyone has their own way of understanding the meaning of technology. We use technology to accomplish various tasks in our daily lives, in brief; we can describe technology as products, processes or organizations.

Over the last few years technology has been responsible for creating amazing resources, which allows us to collect and search information by clicking. There is no need for books or magazine, its all there wherever you go. We have become very dependent on technology as it plays a very important role in our daily lives. Technology plays both neagative and postive impacts on humas. We never really acknowledged the way technology has envoled over the years and how much it has helped us.

In the 21st century , one of the most important technologies would be the Internet. Internet is a system which allows people to communicate globally. Internet is even used for personal use and daily basic. We use the internet for mailing, online shopping, messaging, eduction or even to show us the right route for an location. It enables us to keep a close contact with famiy and freinds around the world.

Do you remember the day when mobile devices weren’t very moblie and strong back and arms were required to lug them around? With mobile technology, people’s lives have been made easier as they can contact each other anywhere and anytime they want to. Mobile phones enables us to keep on track of everything around the world while we are on the move.

This is probably the strongest change that has happened in our lives. The importance of messaging was too important, it affected any battle outcomes, such as sending messages to compaines and much more. Now we are here communicating to bussiness or even to our family members through email or a phone call.

Technology has even provided opportunities for students all over the world to receive and educate themselves online, while still maintaining work schedules and family. Students are now enable to study courses online which also provide certification. Take a minute to ask yourself, when you go out with a group of friends, do you ever go on your phone? Even if its just to browse around, or even to sent a quick text to your family to inform that your going to be late?

Technology is build, where is allows you to take pictures and uplaod it on social media quickly and easily. A basic mobile phone in the year of 2016 would have an build in camera, and if somone hasn’t got a phone which doesnt enables them to do it, they would be seen differently. Technology has changed the personal lives of most people. Families are able to stay connected with the use of cellphones and electronic mail, and they can meet more frequently due to their ability to travel far in various vehicles, including cars, trains and airplanes.

Technology has been used widely in the field of education, be it in the form of PowerPoint presentations or online books and study resources.

Technology has become indispensable for businesses, be it small businesses or a huge corporations, by allowing to reach customers across the globe. Customers are able to order products online and have them shipped almost anywhere in the world due to the improvements in communication and transportation. Businesses are able to schedule meetings with employees around the world with the use of the Internet.

Technology has become in fashion, where it has become a compition and style where everyone needs to have the latest smartphone or any other device. Devices provide everything that a human needs, weather its on a mac book or an iphone. Technology is used in all different fields is expected to continue improving over time and make daily tasks easier to perform for the average person.

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