How to become a better Programmer

Lately I have came across a blog post which help me to learn some new tips and get out of my usual routine.

So I just wanted to share this here with you guys.

To be clear there are only some few points which can improve your programming skills but you just need to find out which one works better for you.

Find and follow people on Github or twitter who can inspire you; this will help you to learn new tech. You don’t need to fall in love with them in case you see something is not right try to reach and discuss with them, this will help you to learn much more.

Value your work

No matter what you are working on. Even if your idea doesn’t work the community will learn from your approach that why it doesn’t work.

Some of the best ideas come from newer programmers who see improvements to existing tech that those who have already-formed opinions don’t see.

Don’t feel pressure to work all the time

Feel free to have break; they help you to come with better and fresh ideas.

Learn stuff that can Improve your skills

Stop learning “fluff” that only waste your time. try to work and learn skills which help you to reuse them in your future projects; do not follow cosmetics a lot.

Start working on big projects

Big Projects will help you to learn more; you don’t need to complete them. Its always good to be uncomfortable; build something like a compiler, …

Checkout the complete blog post here.