To see through eight eyes, just as the spider does, you will see from all sides, the kaleidoscopic perspective upon life’s guise. Once you look through the looking glass, there ain’t no chance of looking back. You cannot turn away from wisdom’s clarity, from the true insight of knowing, revealed upon experience in our small human story. It would be a deliberate face, a mask to hide behind your willful ignorance. The illusion so grand that you give your power to distrust and misbelief, give power to the lies that you feed. So much already happens upon our little earth, so much anger, and hate, and detrimental hurt. How can we turn away with blind choice, when it stares you in the face, and shows you with honest pain, Truth and all she says; the choices you make are consequently betrayed, by the intention of stupidity in your arrogant ways. It is but an excuse to hide from your truth, an excuse from responsibility of your own strength and fragility. If you cannot face yourself and your own power, than you turn away from the joy of a simple flower. The joy of creation, its magick touch within the subtleties, full of surprises and coincidences and mysteries. If you are so persistent in your willful ignorance, than I tell you that it will be much harder, this resistance of your power, so why not choose the easy road for once, and look through the perspective of childlike fun. This way, you may as well enjoy your existence: rather than see a curse, see it for the gift it is. And I do not worry, for as always, the truth shall be revealed; and even more so, this existence is truth embodied, and so I say: the truth Is and always will be.

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