Living or existing?

Traversing the individually propounded agendas of life and the ultimate acquiring destination of death are the two most hallucinogenic and transitive adaptations one can ever have their hands on.

Till the time we grow up, a decade of modernization is lapsed and we are self assured by the stability in our routines.
As for the storming nature in our youth, the contradictory calmness in mid life can be stabilized with the ever going events that are the results of our actions.

"Being impatient about things that drives passion in you is what I call, Living."

Never let yourself down, coz that would be the most dreadful thing you could possibly do. People live for you only when you do for self.

Motivation and dedication are the only two things that presides you in a parallel world of your own which is full of positivity and satisfaction. One where you grow, abide and attached your self to. I recommend one such world for everyone.

All this is legitimized only and only till your lungs take a puff, heart beats for you and the nerves are wired. As the scenario after this is all together different. While you live you grow as time passes but once you’re dead, you decay with time.

The forgery witnessed by the nerves and the body stilled as water is one of the weirdest moments in life. It’s Death.
Looking to death it’s a monster who doesn’t have a face but the one faces it, is nonextant.

All of your cells, tissues, muscles lye down for nothing. All that you’ve gathered, cherished and regretted about adds up into the soil as just another dirt.

I have been wondering this for years now, where at a particular instant we are angry as hell and are in arch of ripping off everything possible. Later the ambush of contrition is always disheartening and souring the relations.

Taking things for granted is one of the stupidest and most occurring things (being contradictory amongst self) I have vouched for all my life. Why do people have to be such? Or May be that’s what we are here for, coz according to me trust would only be valued when it has been broken.

Something which is common never catches our nerve, nor is it impact full to be even considered. Balance is required everywhere, if one lacks balance, his/her actions and existence aren’t of any relevance. Things are valued when they are in restrictions, out bound or scarce do not objectify a notion.

And all this comes down to mere four simple words of this language,

As you never know when is your ticket due. ;)