What do you want to do with your life ?

Lately, I’ve been thinking :

What do I want to do with my life ?

Obviously, I’m talking about work because yes, nowadays life is about work and about loving what you do.

The thing is, how can you love what you do when you don’t know what you want to do ? It’s starting to be a recurring question now (and I’m redirecting you to my first blog post here).

Techstars was an AMAZING experience and pushed me to finally act in my life. It also showed me that having the freedom of choosing on what you want to work is the key of loving your job.

The thing is that at some point you’re going to have to make a choice on your career path. Are you techy ? Are you business ? Are you creative ? The famous triptych that makes every team able to cope with any situation, from brainstorming an idea to production.

But I don’t want to make this choice.

This came to my mind thanks to LinkedIn and the moment when you have to decide what job title you need to choose.

To understand how hard it was for me, you need to understand what I am currently doing.

I am still technically a student @MinesNancy doing a gap year in London. Now, I am currently working in a company where I am writing code to parse and process large amount of data.

I am a student and working, Duh ?

So when I had to decide my job title, would I put Intern ? Nah, from sources, it’s apparently too degrading. Would I put Engineer ? Come on, who knows what Engineer means today. I gave up and put Data Engineer because it’s trendy.

I’ll be working until April and then I’ll be on my way to TUM, Munich as an exchange student to finally get my engineering degree.

All this hassle made me think :

After school what would I want to put in this job title ?

I am definitely not seeing 50 years old Sami as Data Engineer. Why would I be Data Engineer when I could be an iOS Engineer ? A Software Engineer ? A Business developer ? A UX Expert ? A product manager ? A Data Scientist ?

Maybe I’d have to build my own company, who knows…

Techstars London applications are open !

Find out more about the program by reading this blog post or this one.

If you already faced this issue, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts!