Has the human evolution stopped?

This is the result of sacrifices and inventions of humans over hundred years” We’ve all heard this sentence sometime in our life. From 3500 B.C. where wheel was first invented and used for transportation to intelligent, driver-less cars that we have today have not happened over night and this is not the end. We are shifting from fossil fuels to electronic fuels, making breakthroughs in Computer science day by day from Artificial intelligence to quantum computing. However, are these breakthroughs making our lives easier or more challenging. As the result of these inventions, are humans in general become more dependent on their inventions( polite way to say they get dumber) or these inventions could actually save them time and effort.

Let’s go through these by some examples. I remember back in the days when there was no cell-phone, we had to memorize most of the phone numbers or the easier way just write it somewhere. I think this small practice of memorization was very helpful for our brains. A more obvious example could be GPS devices. 10 years ago we all remembered the streets and how to get from point A to point B in cities, however, with all the GPS devices in our phones and cars i doubt many people bother to learn the street names and neighborhoods. My point is not that GPS invention was bad. Tourists and many people would have had substantial problems if there was no GPS. However, these devices like GPS, Audio assistant devices, and smart curtains! should be used adequately in a way that is not making us rely on them. There is saying that is claimed to be said by Albert Einstein, although not conclusively, but i think whoever said it was right. He said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” We are relying too much on technology, that it is actually changing our taste in movies, songs, etc. Not many years ago, we had incredible movies such as Gone with the wind that would change your perspective of love, but today the box office is filled with comic movies with lots of CGIs and there is no more room for other movie genres.

Another field that has been improved is the military technology. We have nuclear cruises that could vanish places in a space of seconds. Now imagine, somebody who is a little self-absorbent get a hand of these cruises. He/she could change the human course in just a few minutes as nuclear cruises could have permanent damages for even the children of survived ones. So, is it wise to still study and make new weapons everyday.

Overall, i think we’ve made a lot of improvement that definitely benefited people around the globe. But we need to bring a culture with technology. A culture that tells us, not to be on internet and social medias constantly, a culture that tells us only facetiming our loved ones is not enough and we actually have to call at them and finally a culture that brings society closer not create distance among them