HaxeUmlGen: UML generator for Haxe

HaxeUmlGen is a library for generate UML diagrams from a project Haxe.

This lib support two output formats: xmi and dot files (create png files).

for install the lib use the classic command

haxelib install HaxeUmlGen

For create the file UML we need first to export the structure of our project in xml.
In your file .xhml add the argument
-xml path/to/file.xml
and build the project

When the file xml is created run this command for create the UML files

in xmi format

haxelib run haxeumlgen xmi myproject.xml

and in dot format

haxelib run haxeumlgen dot myproject.xml

The uml files are created in the same folder of the xml file

The project page on haxelib

and the repo github

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