SAAAC’s Holiday Market

Adults on the autism spectrum will organize and run SAAAC’s first ever holiday market

On December 15, young adults from SAAAC’s Living’N’Learning Adult Day Program will look to host an ambitious fundraising event — the Holiday Market.

All aspects of the market — from setup to clean up; to the products being made and sold; to processing payments, is going to involve participation from young adults on the autism spectrum.

“We’re always brainstorming news ways for our students to integrate into the community and exercise the skills they learn in this program,” says Prashna Sachchi-Neshanth, Lead Coordinator of SAAAC’s adult day program.

The program emphasizes independent living skills and various aspects of job readiness. “Our intention is to prepare our students for life outside the classroom,” says Prashna.

The Holiday Market will help young adults on the autism spectrum get to practise their job readiness skills in a real-world setting; get a platform to showcase their skills; and raise funds to support their job and independent living skills training at SAAAC.

What to Expect

“Bring your sugar tooth,” says Bharathy Vivekanantham, Manager of Employment and Special Projects. “We have been working with our students, teaching them how to make awesome hot chocolate and oreo truffles. We also have some incredible bakers from the community donating their delicious products for our students to sell.”

Vendors like Kitchen Guerrilla are donating 50 bottles of their award winning sauces to be sold at SAAAC’s Holiday Market.

Here are some other notable vendors providing treats for the Holiday Market:

Addictive Eats By Gayethiry

Annie’s Sugar Factory



Students will also be packaging and selling limited edition SAAAC products including our Office Mug,Travel Journal, and Holiday Gift Baskets.

This event is really a platform for our students to showcase to the community their skills and capacities,” says Geetha Moorthy, Executive Director of SAAAC. “This fundraiser will help our students get to practise their job readiness skills in a real-world setting and provide them an opportunity to engage and connect with their community. It’s probably one of the most exciting fundraising events we have put together.”

You can drop by our Holiday Market on December 15 from 1 pm to 4pm at 705 Progress Avenue Unit 63; Scarborough, Ontario M1H-2X1