iOS : Resign an Application IPA

Saad El Oulladi
Nov 12, 2018 · 1 min read

Imagine you want to change the provisioning profile of an application IPA. but you don’t have the source code.

Here is how to proceed :

An IPA file is simply a zip file containing the compiled application components.

  • First rename your “YourApplicationName.ipa” file to “”.
  • When you unzip it You will have as an output a directory called “Payload”.
  • Then you will find a package with your application name.
Open application package
  • Remove the directory called “_CodeSignature”.
  • Rename your provision to “embedded.mobileprovision” and replace the existing one in “Payload/”.
  • Then by editing the “Info.plist” file you can change the application bundle identifier.
  • And finally use the “codesign” command to resign your application as the following : codesign -f -s “IDENTITY” Payload/

Note that you can get your current identities list using “security find-identity” in the terminal.

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