First learn to work with money and understand its value

The goal to write this post is to understand the meaning behind Edhi sb’s father philosophy about working with the money.

On page 45, Edhi sb’s father gave some advice for Fellows who might want to pursue entrepreneurship: “Let him first learn how to work with money and understand its value. The reason is that when someone starts a business or any start up, usually what happens is that he/she does not know how to work with money because you can teach 1000 tips from any top business book to someone but in real practical world one has to go through the process. There can never be any shortcut to success. 
 Some people daydream about starting successful business and don’t take any practical step, while others try to start it big without any practical experience and lose all their investment.
 The best thing is to start it small and first learn to understand and work with money and let the process teach you. This can be applied to almost career or anything in life