Thank you Notes

Thanking others for little things is very positive and helpful habit. It helps one stay optimistic towards others and oneself as well. If we ponder over our lives, we will realize that most of the things we learn are the result of negative things that happen to us. You can roughly call those things as our mistakes and we do in fact learn from our mistakes. So an advance level of gratitude is that we not only thank people for their help and the benefit they provide us but also for the criticism and insult we incur because in a way it helps us reform ourselves.

So here in this blog, I have provided a way to thank others; by writing thank you notes to those people and things who although appear to be against us but are helping us in another way. Given below are a few thank you notes written by me.

1. Dear bike,

Thank you for not reminding me that your tank needs to be refilled. You made me realize that it is me who needs to take care of your tank everyday.

2. Dear Shahzeb,

Thank you for always having a conflict with my ideas. You always remind me that I need to be more tactful whenever I am having a chat with you.

3. Dear sleep,

Thank you for letting me fell asleep when I had to complete my Amal homework. You again cautioned me about my bad habit of taking things to the last minute.

4. Dear books and notes,

You made me realize that I need to keep you in an order to let me find the important documents in time of need. I really appreciate this act.

5. Dear bag zipper,

You always remind me that I need to learn repairing you myself being an engineer because you often get broke. So, thank you for that.

After writing these notes, I really started to think of many other things which seemed to be against me but when I pondered over them, I realized that they were actually helping me out; by providing me an opportunity to improve myself by not committing those mistakes again or by being more careful about certain things. I hope that you all will also start doing this little activity because friends, believe me or not, but it really helps.