CT project, update number two.

Okay, to begin with, I’d like to point out that this day has been insane. I’ve take in so much information, my head hurts. But going through countless Pyglet tutorials online has obviously helped me grasp at least some of the library’s knowledge. It has thus made me a fairly confident of completing my checkers game. 
The progress from last week is that I’ve understood how sprites work in Pyglet. I’ve applied them to my code. Furthermore, I do have some idea of how I’m going to make the logic of the game work. But I’m not quite sure yet, looks like I’ll have to test the logic tomorrow. What I can tell you is that it involves checking the visibility of the sprites at a certain tile of the board. I’m also currently thinking of how I’ll assess if the game has been won or not. Hopefully you can see some, if not all the logic implemented in the next version of the commit on SVN.

Until next time.