My Favorite Restaurants in San Diego, CA

Ali Baba Restaurant

The best Middle Eastern food in San Diego. Period. Go with a group of people and get the large shareable platters and you will not regret it. The bread is freshly baked and will make you crave to go back.

Fogo de Chão

If you’re a carnivore, like me, and you want to spend some $$$, go to Fogo. Make sure you go hungry!

Muzita Abyssinian

If you want to challenge your taste buds with new flavors, Muzita offers amazing Ethiopian cuisine.

El Charko

Underrated taco shop. It’s not as amazing as Oscar’s, but it’s really good.

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood

The best taco shop in San Diego. Do not miss the Smoked Fish taco.

Ki Sushi & Sake Bar

The Sashimi is great. But let’s be honest… How often will you have a chance to trip Sushi Pizza?!

Micheline’s Pita House

Fantastic middle-eastern food à la Chipotle fast-food style. Makes sure you get some tahini sauce on your delicious shawarma sandwich. The bread is baked fresh and delicious.

Cucina Basilico

They make their own pasta. It’s fresh. It’s yummy. The staff are lovely. And the food is to die for. Don’t miss the Chicken Alfredo!

Regents Pizzeria

My favorite Pizza shop in San Diego. The Chicken Parmesan pasta is amazing. But the pizza is the highlight for sure. The Chicago style pizza is unbelievable with probably the best Marinara recipe.

N.Y. Giant Pizza

Great N.Y. style pizza. You rarely find good NY style pizza in the west coast. Extra cheese please!

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