I get on Twitter everyday. I enjoy reading people’s ridiculous threads, watching funny videos, and retweeting some of the most relatable things I’ve ever read in my life. If we’re being honest, I love social media. But also if we’re being honest, people take social media too far.

I don’t understand why 16,17, or 18 year-olds feel the need to record videos of themselves preaching to 16,17, and 18 year olds about how we should be handling relationships, drama and life in general. Why do people our own age feel the need to provide us with guidance as if we’re not going through the same paths of life? What makes them feel like they know better than us?

The issue with social media today is that it so easily influences everyone that uses it. It seems as if social media has become a go-to activity where people go to seek advice and express their problems rather than a way to interact with their peers in a positive way. Social media has such a subtle way of communicating to people how one should live their life and the way one should act. There’s so much room for judgement and sadly, people have no problem holding back their comments. On more than one occasion, I’ve contemplated deleting my Twitter or Instagram because I get tired of seeing people talk shit about other people when there’s no reason to. Of course sometimes, it might be funny because some things are completely out of control but there are tons of people who don’t know when or where to draw the line.

I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m not saying I don’t ever make fun of people or retweet things making fun of people but there are a lot of times, too many times, actually, where the posts are just plain ignorant. Now I’ll probably never delete my social media as I’ve told myself I will. Social media is such a big part of our generation and entertains us like no other but it’s upsetting to see how degrading it can be as well. It’s just sometimes tiring to read or listen to people preach about how I should live and go about my life or see people run their mouths about others for no reason. Personally, I believe it’s kind of sad that people take the time out of their day to make fun of people on the internet but hey — everyone’s different, and that’s none of my business, so let me sip this tea and move on with my day.

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