How Do I Know If I Found The One?

3 AM Thoughts…

Are you always supposed to go with your gut? He or she does almost everything right, but you’re just not feeling the vibe. You’re constantly thinking to yourself: Am I wrong for not going through with this because he or she just isn’t my type?

Everyone has this ideal vision in there head of their soulmate. But are we crazy to believe we’ll really find someone to fulfill that vision. My biggest fear is missing out on my quote on quote soul mate because I’m too scared to give someone a chance.

But there’s always the go with your instinct side of the equation. If you feel like he or she isn’t right for you, then just give it up. Easier said than done though. If you decide to go through with it and it doesn’t work out, the heartbreak that follows becomes unbearable. And if you decide that staying friends would be the best route, you potentially lose someone who means so much to you. Either way it goes, someone loses.

Why is it so hard to go with your gut feeling when you just know that it’s right? Why is it so hard to let go of someone you know is not right for you?

We’re young and dumb, young and in love. At this young of an age, it’s hard to gauge a sensible decision on what love really is and if we’re really ‘in love’ with the person we’re dying to be with. It’s often hard to decide if he or she is really the one and if the effort required is worth it. Do I really want to become attached? Do I really want to spend all my time stressing, loving, fighting and laughing for it to end up not working out? But then again, what if it does? That’s always the question that keeps us contemplating and willing to take the risk. What if?

So, how are we supposed to know if we found the one? Do we just know? Is there really such thing as a soul mate? And how long are we supposed to wait? I’m a firm believer in “what’s meant to be, will be” but sometimes you get tired of waiting and you risk it all anyway. Unfortunately, whether it works out or not, is not always in your control — and that’s the scary part.

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