This is the story of two miserable people who migrated from Hamburg to America. Louis and Regina had been married only a few years and had one small child and second on the way. Because of their poorness, they rented a small apartment and started to live there. At this time, Louis was looking for a job but he wasn`t on a lucky streak. Then, thanks to her sister, he started to work with her in a fish store. Despite the fact that he earned considerable money, this job didn`t satisfy him, because it wasnt a kind of job that shows a lot of promise. Then, he tried a couple of different things but he couldn`t find the thing he was looking for. By the way, his pregnant wife gave birth to a second child and now he had four mouths to feed. A few days later he decided to do what he suppose to do. It was clothes. Everywhere around him stores were opening and all the clothes were ready to be worn. He came from a world where clothing was sewn by hand and made at home or by tailors and this was a revelation for him. Everywhere he went, he wrote down what people were wearing in order to find a novel item, something that people cannot find it in stores. Finally, thanks to his patience, stability and perseverance he found what he looked for. One day he saw a group of girls that playing in the street and one of them was wearing an apron over her dress. He had never seen one of those aprons for sale. He came home and told Regina, then they decided to sew aprons without any hesitation. They sewed fourty aprons and sold all of them next day. This was only the beginning and a step which made Louis and Regina outliers.

Louis` perspective to the business and his unsatisfaction pushed him to do something different, something that could make a difference. When he first decided to deal with clothes, he checked the stores in order not to imitate the same designs, he did it to eliminate ordinary clothes and get what is unique. He tried to do something original and it was the thing which gave him the real satisfaction and success.He knew what he was looking for and he never got tired because the way he followed was right. He didnt have anything when he migrated to America and in a short time he became one of the most prosperous manufacturer. He could continue to work with his sister and earn money, guaranteed business, but not kind of convincing. His biggest talent was his unsatisfaction and his biggest chance was his poverty. I call his poverty as a chance because his narrow circumstances forced him to search in life.If his wife hadnt given birth in a bad time, a time that they had just migrated to America, most probably he wouldnt have grown urgency and wouldnt have taken risk. If he hadnt been poor and someone who has a rich father gives all opportunities to his son, maybe he wouldnt have chased his own way. The important point is in this story which differentiates it from the others, is based on the bad circumstances which were turned into an advantage by Louis. Of course he had enough experience for doing this kind of a job. Maybe his success was contributed to a combination of his experience, hard work and coincidence. The clothes laboring background was already under his belt, with a coincidence he saw a girl in an apron and he worked so hard to success. That is the story. However, there are many things behind this parameters. He was lucky enough to see a girl with a different thing that never seen before, if he had never gone there would he have lived the same scenario or he continued his same life or would he have found another unique item that could make him an outlier? Of course luck is a very complicated issue and discussing about it can be tiresome, in my opinion his some of the features and his obstinacy of pursuing after his dreams gave him a chance to be successful, the girl who plays outside in an apron is always outside, the chance is always behind your door, what is important is to have the courage and perspective to see it.

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