English Speaking Skills

To Communicate in English is always been a challenging task for me I’m a person who gets fast heart beat when I start to speak in English with anyone.

Afraid of speaking English

Because I’m a business student so this skill is necessary to develop to interact with people in marketplace and this will lead to create relationship with clients, I didn’t develop it in the past because the lack of English speaking environment.

The First three tasks need to achieve my goal:

  1. learn Basics about verbal communication
  2. Search for a English speaking environment
  3. Start work on the way

First of all I did search what are the basics for being a effective communicator, Keep calm and focused on subject, enough knowledge about whatever you’re going to speak, be yourself, know your audience. These are the key instruments which I have to learn.

I found the Amal fellowship after a very long struggle, where I go with believe that this is right place for me to develop my skills.

Now I’m doing work in this fellowship completing the assigned tasks with passion and investing my full potential to grow up not only improving my English communicating skills but also knowing a lot of new learning activities.

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