Charity as a chain of kindness

It is evident in life that we cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone.The chain of helping others should be continued always.As no one has ever become poor from giving. “ Charity benefits the giver more than receiver.”

In our daily lives, we talk a lot about charity and helping others in enthusiasm way. We rarely do any act of charity or kindness in practical way that is one stone stepping towards heaven.

For the first time in life, to pay tribute to true legend of humanity Abdul Sattar Edhi , I have initiated group fundraising activity for one day at New Campus, Punjab University.

We follow this saying as per our busy schedule. “ Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.” We have many fears before starting it but we transform our fears into action. The first fear is that I have never organized such activity and I feel that how will students react, will they will be interested or trust us.

I have set the event on Facebook ( Tuesday: 10:00 am) and invited all Amal fellows. Eventually , seven of people including me joined us. Firstly, we feel hesitated to talk , but then we gather the courage and start asking individually. We tell them our cause and show kindness that will they like to contribute anything. We get surprised that students has believed us and contributed generously. However, girls are more generous than boys.

Collectively , we have visited 10 departments of Punjab University, collected around 10.000 and walked around 3 km in two hours time . Our sweating bodies in humid weather showed our passion, dedication and commitment . Allah also helped us in going extra mile for this noble cause.