In-person Drop to a University

I feel that Allah is always kind to me. He always helped me in showing the right path. I was astonished to see my dream University job advertisement on this Sunday newspaper. I have even write cover letter for applying in this University already during our Amal session. I have approached to my cousin who is working as a computer lecturer in University of Management and Technology . I have taken the appointment and went to his office to drop my CV. I got full protocol . I did not face any challenge like stopped by security guard or reaching out the concerned person or updating my resume/cover letter. I did not get the job interview call as they are in process of shortlisting the candidates .

My cousin get really impressed by my research which I have already done about the University. He also appreciated my CV and how I highlighted my skills. At that time, I feel really proud to be Amal fellow where I learned all the rules of showing passion, interest, energy, kindness and gratitude. The takeaways for this activity is that it is better to research about the organization and approached someone in your network to reach out the organization so that we do not face any hurdle . After this drop in session, I am feeling excited and looking forward to have job interview call. I also send thank you email to my cousin for making my experience easier. One more thoughtful thing is that if you are going to unknown organization then try to grab attention of others through your communication skills and technical knowledge. Your meeting with HR assistant can be a game changer . By showing kindness, you can create a better chance of calling in for a interview.

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