Journey at Amal Academy

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It is said that journey of thousand miles starts with one small step.So, the journey of my achieving my dreams,success and lifelong learning started at Amal Academy 3 months ago. Learning is a lifelong voyage which expands as we travel. While started at Ama; ,I have committed myself to expand my learning and thus learned about the four amal principles,passenger journey, general concepts ( leadership, productivity, team management , problem solving, positive thinking ,kindness and CV making techniques, cover letter, thank you email and many more .

Along the journey, I have stayed patient and trust my journey. People said that every journey starts with some fear . When I came into amal family, I have some fears regarding realization of life goals, self motivation, hard work and performing well. But after knowing about amal four principles that are about khudi(Self realization about my inner potentials), just start , work,work and work and aik aur aik giyara(team work). My all fears transformed into my strengths. On my pursuit to happiness and success, I have learned about more important concepts that are about leadership, teamwork, kindness, humility, gratitude, productivity ,positive thinking.

Important lessons at Amal

The most important lesson I learnt is #Just Start . This is important for me because now I truly believed that we dont have to follow the big dreams in order to achieve something big.Just think little and start doing it.

The famous quotes says , “ Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction. ( Just start). I am thinking to start a career counselling page and start giving free career tips whoever wants. I realized that monetary and status gain is not that much essential needs. I need small actions to show kindness and leadership to the people around me.

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