No act of kindness is ever wasted

According to a quote, kindness s a language which deaf can hear and blind can see. Kindness has great power to win hearts and we dont need any reason to help others. I followed these rules in life. Kindness in words creates confidence , kindness in thinking creates profoundness and kindness in giving or doing for others create love.

If we all one random act of kindness daily , we just might set the world in the right direction. My random acts of kindness for this week are as following.

Surprise Birthday Party for class fellow

In my P.hD class, we have organized surprise party with our teacher for class fellow and she felt so happy and excited to see cake and pizza for her birthday.

Fundraising at Punjab University

I have organized fundraising event to collect money for Edhi Foundation with my group members. I feel so proud to be part of this noble cause and serving humanity even in humid weather.

Friend giving presentation

My friend did not bring her laptop , so I have gave my laptop for our class presentation

My friend has seen my Amal CV and she really liked it . She requested me to made her CV , so I have made her CV according to Amal principles.

Today, my class representative is not feeling well and he requested me to go to photocopier and bring notes for the class. So , I went to shop and bring notes for whole class.

I feel inner satisfaction by helping others as Allah help those who help others. In my professional life, I want to be the person that makes others feel special and want to know for my kindness and grace. I cannot say no and I will want to continue the chain of kindness by doing random acts of kindness.