Personally if I were only being paid 100$ I’d only explain how to build it through a 1 hour…
Ghilia Weldesselasie

These are not full-time rates, nor are they mandatory.

Software is getting more powerful, easier and cheaper to build. Our mission is to help the world launch 10,000 MVPs a day, for $100 each. That day is inevitable, and we’d much rather try and innovate our way there instead of following the rest of the industry and charge $20,000 and 2 months to build software that might not even be something that people want.

A great developer knows how to hack awesome features quickly and build at least 2 MVPs a day (and earn $3,000). Those are the developers Dust attracts to its platform.

It’s definitely very difficult to keep everyone happy, because what we’re doing is trying to go in a new direction.

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