Saagar Mohammed
3 min readJul 13, 2017


“Dig within. There lies the well-spring of good: ever dig, and it will ever flow.”

Mind! It still baffles me. Where does the mind exist and how does it work? With all the technologies we cannot surmise the capabilities of our mind.

The elderly man in my neighbourhood is an example of a spotless mind. He is ever ready to help others, spreading joy through the smile from his radiant face. While extending his help he is never different to rich and poor, nor does he helps only his friends.

As a boy, he was not brought up by anyone. He was an unattended orphan who grew up by himself. He was not taught how to use the unique gift God had bestowed on him, his mind! Yes, like everyone, he too had a unique mind, but unlike others, he was not able to explore its treasures.

He suppressed it whenever it talked to him. He was worried about the thoughts coming up in his mind because of his unfounded fear towards the strange world around him. He kept searching for answers to his questions. All he got was more and more questions, but never an answer.

What is life and why do I exist? Why can’t I be like anyone else? The questions were many and it grew within him.

In his teenage, he was not like others who enjoyed the prime of their lives. He had grievous concerns about the world around him. He could not agree that people are thinking sanely. It’s not the matter of education, he thought. If he can apply his thoughts without education why not the well-educated people around him? Why can’t they try to solve the dire problems of the world? Why are people least bothered about the destruction of environment they live in? Why are people becoming so hostile towards one another? Can’t people come up with a better life for everyone in the world, where there will be no destruction, exploitation, cruelties? Why can’t they use their educated minds for building a better tomorrow?

As he turned into a man he realized more about his mind. Apart from his innocence, he now realized, there are different shades of mind. Jealousy, anger, lust, greed, superiority, domination. For most people education was merely a tool, enabling them to use their minds without bettering it. A jealous mind with education tries to feed its jealousy and seldom tries to overcome it. What can be done in such an insane world? He was constantly lost in his thoughts. No longer worried about the uncaring attitude of rich and affluent he forgave the selfish people who chose not to contribute towards his life. He was least bothered about people who were busy living only for themselves. He was worried about the poor and unfortunate, people like him who were denied a chance. Deprived of answers he relented the thoughts as it often left him deep in pain. He decided to give up his search for answers.

Can truth stay away from its seeker? The genuine mind often brings the truth towards it. It’s like a channel for the truth to flow into earthly life. The man was drawn more towards looking within for the answers. He looked at the only thing he can control, the greatest gift he was ever given, the innocence of his mind. He felt happy when he began controlling his thoughts. He was able to move out of his constant worries, become joyful and let his life flow with all its beauty. But only one thought remained in his mind. What is the purpose of his life?

He kept digging his treasure, spread the goodness within for the betterment of life around him and continue seeking the truth, God, the bestower of his mind? He is an inspiration, a motivation to the fortunate people around him. What else an uneducated mind could do!