Here is a quick tip if you happen to be using gvim in tmux.

First of all, why would anyone want to use gvim in tmux? …


Even though today is not the day I started with Vim, I deliberately proclaim 13-Jun-2015 as Vim’s first year with me.

I wanted to learn Vim because it was my desire, and that’s it. …

This time I want to share with you some tips that might be handy to improve the performance in Vim. Note that for performance I mean to have a responsive & fast experience in Vim.

Avoid (slow) plugins

If you can’t, use a package manager that supports lazy loading, like vim-plug. Want a…

I want to share with you my current setup for Vim in Windows. Give it a try and take your own conclusions. If you just want to answer the questions: Vim in windows? Is that even worth it? I invite you to read Vim in Windows.

Since that I know…

This is my (ongoing) story about Vim in Windows. Yeah! Vim in Windows!

This is going to be question & answer, highlighting those things that I consider important to take into account.

Let’s start!

Where should I obtain Vim for Windows?

Of course, the easiest answer is just grabbing the binary from official vim site. This should…

Have you ever dream having a console with the power and feeling like the one in Ubuntu?

cmder is the answer. Period.

Worth to mention that cmder is what it’s thanks to the great open-source projects conemu, clink, msysgit.

I won’t duplicate what is already said in cmder home page

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