5 Components Of Organisational Change — The Knoster Model

Saahil Sood
2 min readFeb 12, 2019


One of the key lessons I have learnt over the last decade is that change is complex and slow. Be it at an individual, group or societal level. So many times in my work I sense an impatience for change. It happens with my coachees who are working on personal transformation or entrepreneurs aiming for organisational development.

In a particular instance, we had just completed an envisioning workshop with a team. The team had come together to create a vision for the organisation. Post the session, in a candid conversation, the founder mentioned how he thinks the team is not feeling the vision. I probed him on what did he mean by that? His response was that I dont hear it from the team that they will walk the extra mile for this vision. They are not owning it. I want the vision statement to be so powerful that the team is ready to put themselves on the line for it. And why cant it happen tomorrow?!

In hindsight this may not seem prudent, but this specific entrepreneur was not the only one to have mentioned this. Entrepreneurs by nature are impatient. This is their light and their burn.

I have found Knoster model extremely helpful at times like these. According to Knoster there are 5 things that go into bringing about a complex change. These 5 inputs are

  • Vision
  • Skills
  • Incentives
  • Resources
  • Action Plan

All these will look different in different contexts. But lack of any one of these inputs will surely lead to different consequences like confusion, anxiety, resistance, frustration and false starts. Seeing the visual is almost like an aha moment for many. I have found it helpful in communicating clearly to my coachee

  1. The unique role that each one of the input plays in the change process.
  2. Specifically to those who take the first step on this journey and are yearning to see change — Just one input will not lead to an overnight change. Change will take time and happens when multiple inputs come together.

Go ahead and start Knostering with your team!



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