Influencer Marketing : How to do it right?

Remember the time like 10 years back when there was no social media & there was something which was & will always be the most powerful medium to become successful. I call that word of mouth. 
Yes, you heard it right. There was nothing called as SEM or Facebook ads which will help you advertise your product or make it viral overnight.

A week back I attended a meetup where one of the speakers said 
“Back in those days, we use to have limited options in marketing. One was to arrange such meetups, call people & get users to sign up on their website. There was no social media to spread the message about their product. Emails was the other option’’

The point I am getting to is that Influencer Marketing works on the same route just that here, the people either are internet stars having massive follower base or cater to niche businesses

Influencer Marketing in itself is very underrated when it comes to small startups or brands allocating resources to it but having seen the performance, It can be quite big if done right!

Some rules to go by of how to crack influencer marketing with minimal budget or no budget at all.

  1. Finding them & creating a list
    The channels here are quite important of how to find them, I was looking for into fashion, lifestyle & beauty influencers. If you have contacts then leverage them first or else start finding the influencers channel by channel. Make sure you somehow find their email Id or their facebook page or something where they can be directly reached out to. Instagram is big when it comes to the beauty & fashion influencers. The trick to find on Instagram is to find by #hashtags. 
    Eg: — #BeautyBlogger #FashionBlogger will lead you to the people who are fashion bloggers. 
    Same works for twitter. See the connections & find people with decent follower base,above 10k would do. The funnel works this way..
    Find 100 people > Sort out the relevant 50 people as per your budgets or offerings > Start writing them individually.
  2. Writing a Pitch
    As when you are ready with the list, its time to write to them about why you want to promote your brand via their channel.The pitch needs to look really personalized & not go as a mass mailer. It should include following things.
    -> Introduction about your brand in brief
    -> Talk about what you liked about their brand or them. (eg: — Hey, I loved your review on the beauty product, I loved your Instagram handle, the posts you put are really good)
    -> Here comes the important part where you have to explain why you want to associate with them.
    -> Clearly talk about the offerings from you if they go forward with the deal. Nothing in this world comes for free. So make sure you give them something which will be of value to them.
  3. Cracking win-win situation
    Now how do you that? As you have no clue how much the blogger or Instagrammar charges for a single mention. There are two ways to go about it from here. One would be the ‘barter’ deal wherein you offer them your product or service complimentary or quote a price from your end. Make sure you mention there that its not a fixed price & you are open for negotiation. This will give you room to connect with them & strike a deal.
    Most bloggers agree for barter if its a good product or service
    Eg: What we did was to offer free beauty services at home & in turn they will write an honest review about the service & give mentions across Instagram, Twitter, facebook & their blog.
  4. Deliverables
    The influencer is on board of working with you, deal is finalized, now what? Clearly chalk out deliverables of how many mentions you need. Lets say its a lifestyle blogger having her own website, Instagram page, Facebook Page & Twitter Page, deal should be to get mentions across. Also, freeze the frequency of mentions. 
    A blogger I dealt with in my previous company used to charge Rs 5k/ mention on one channel. You can imagine why it is important to discuss this things before the deal.
  5. Give them some traction as well
    Once they have written about you & given you mentions, you should also cross-promote across your channels. Why it helps? Firstly, it builds a good rapport with the influencer in long run & secondly they will be open for your future offerings. Later, you can arrange giveaways, competitions, product launches with them.
In the closing I would like to say “Make an offer which they cannot refuse ;) ”

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