AAG is rebranding and ultimately shifting the communication strategy.

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4 min readDec 22, 2023

Two years after the IDO of AAG, the company has undergone much development and change. As a company, we believe that right now is a perfect moment for a significant change and a major refresh to the way we think, the way we communicate, and the way we present our company.

We want to inform you that AAG is rebranding and will be called “Saakuru Labs” from now on.

“Saakuru Labs” — Web3 infrastructure-first company.

This change will transform “Saakuru Labs” into a blockchain infrastructure-first company. Throughout the last two years, we have built essential infrastructure components: Gas-Less blockchain with real-time transaction validation, wallet SDK, blockchain data aggregation services, and gamification tooling). All those components add up into one All-in-One development package which solves all critical Web3 UX problems:

  • Gas Fees. We believe that blockchain will not become mainstream until blockchains move to a gas-less model and allow developers to accumulate fees under their responsibility. With this innovative model and incredible speed of the ledger, we are pioneering and expecting to take over the major piece of the market (companies migrating from Web3) with Saakuru gas-less blockchain solution.
  • Blockchain accessibility. Most businesses considering bridging to Web3 are blocked by the cost of implementation and the need for a qualified workforce. Only 25 thousand developers worldwide are skilled enough to build products on Web3, which represents just 0.2% of the total engineers pool. Our Wallet SDK, data aggregation tooling, gamification tooling, and collected expertise unlock opportunities for those companies to enable quick, highly secure, user-friendly Web3 access to their users for super competitive implementation costs.

“Saakuru All-in-One Crypto app”

Our commitment to providing critical Web3 infrastructure to ease access, increase security, and allow our customers to profit does not end with B2B. We also continue to deliver high-value services to our B2C customers.

Within the last few years, we have launched several different consumer-oriented products: MetaOne Wallet, AAG Academy, MetaOne CashBack, and MetaOne Dapp Store. All these products address various issues people face in their day-to-day Web3 experience:

  1. The necessity of being a security specialist. A fully decentralized wallet private-key managed model brought a lot of privacy but, simultaneously, a lot of pain and suffering to the world. Many people lost their savings and faced incredible stress because the fully decentralized wallet concept does not work. By implementing modern security practices (assisted self-custody), we provide a wallet solution that includes security by design.
  2. Lack of data systemization. Managing large data amounts is the subject where we can proudly say we are absolute market experts. The lack of data systemization and user-friendly access created an empty gap filled by scams & fear. It’s hard to believe, but most of the top non-custodial wallets still require you to understand what “Networks”, “Blockchain explorers”, and smart-contract addresses are. They also have zero protection layers while interacting with decentralized systems. Our protected browser, public keys validation system, real-time assets discovery, spam protection and Dapp Store allow users to get an All-In-One secure solution for secure Web3 access.
  3. Lack of knowledge systemization. Providing accessible, free education sources has always been part of our organization’s mission. Many companies are trying to benefit from their customers by charging people for the absolute basics knowledge, which should be accessible for everyone for free. With AAG Academy, we have committed to providing opportunities for everyone to learn and develop in the international workforce.
  4. Lack of systemized opportunities. There is a gap between people looking for earning opportunities and companies looking for P2E players & Q2E participants. That creates a hole, and bad actors use it to scam people with quick profit opportunities. By connecting all these systems into one place, we will provide a one-stop-shop solution filtered from hack & spam and provide opportunities for both sides to benefit.

We are very thrilled to introduce the new direction of the MetaOne wallet. By combining all of our products, we are transforming MetaOne into a “Saakuru All-in-One Crypto app”, which will become a one-stop-shop solution for everyone — from the Web3 beginner to the Web pioneers who are looking for a more complete, more user-friendly, more secure solution.

AAG Token future:

This significant change will affect the AAG token. We would like to give you a personal invitation to the first series of the “What They Don’t Tell You About Crypto” podcast, where Saakuru Labs CEO Jack Vinijtrongjit and Marius Silenskis (VP of Web3 Engineering) will present more details and reasoning about this rebranding, answer community questions will discuss the most interesting Web3 trends in 2024.

Jack Vinijtrongjit

CEO of Saakuru Labs



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