AAG Ventures Joins Hands with Avocado Guild to Accelerate Adoption of Play-To-Earn, Learn-To-Earn, and Metaverses

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3 min readDec 5, 2021

So where do we begin this friendship?

There seems to be a misconception that there is a guild war going on among some of the largest guilds in the PTE space. We recently spoke to a couple of game studios that thought they could defuse the tension by encouraging these guilds to duke it out in the metaverse to see who ranks supreme.

While that may seem like a fun idea and having some Guild-VS-Guild battles will certainly boost Twitch ratings, we have a much better idea.

We recently had a chat (founders of AAG Ventures and Avocado Guild) and what we found is a very familiar story. At its core, AAG Guild and Avocado Guild both have a primary focus on their community. Even with AAG Ventures shifting focus more to the platform side, what we are providing is to simplify and enhance experiences for our scholars and others who will be using our platform. Since both sides can see that we are aligned, and also understand that PTE isn’t about one-guild-win-all, we decided to form this friendship.

What We’ll Work Together on?

Good question. Let’s just say we are in an exploratory state of figuring out how to work together. Avocado Guild which now has 9,000+ scholars can certainly benefit from using the AAG Platform, but there are many other things that first come to mind.

  1. Co-hosting tournaments. We can break down this artificial guild barrier to connect our metaverses and get our communities excited.
  2. Knowledge sharing. Each of us has our own secret sauces and we believe our communities will be recipients of the benefits that come from it.
  3. Game co-research. With 5+ games entering PTE space each month, combining our effort can only strengthen our understanding of what may work best for our community.
  4. Increase negotiation power. We can leverage a larger spending power to negotiate for a better deal when investing in a game.
  5. Resource share. Both guilds are aware of the skill sets each of our scholars has. We can create a pool of tasks that can be assigned to our scholars so that they can utilize their existing skills outside of PTE.

What’s Next?

We sincerely hope that more guilds are willing to establish this kind of friendly relationship. PTE space is so wide open that although there is a certain level of competition, there can potentially be significantly more benefits as a result of collaboration such as ours. We, as AAG Ventures, will continue to explore our collaboration with more guilds and also provide the best-in-class platform to help guilds to operate more efficiently so that they can stay competitive with others with more resources.

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