AAG Ventures: The Robin Hood of Play-To-Earn

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7 min readOct 19, 2021

No, we do NOT mean that Robinhood (HOOD)! We mean THE “Robin Hood”!

Introducing AAG Ventures — a new Play-To-Earn tech company that is focused on building THE PLATFORM to democratize Play-To-Earn for creating economic freedom worldwide through the metaverse economy.

Blockchain has revolutionized both finance and gaming with the advent of Play-To-Earn.

Play-To-Earn enables people around the world to earn real money by playing video games. This novel concept has gained popularity due to the pandemic’s widespread impact on employment. Play-To-Earn has become a lifeline for people by providing income for medicine, rent, food, and other necessities.

As Play-To-Earn games became more popular, the demand drove up the price and made them unaffordable to new players. A scholarship program was then created by some brilliant minds to provide access for new players to come in through a profit share scheme. With this as the catalyst, the Play-To-Earn space has exploded.

Unprecedented Growth in Play-To-Earn Space. Source: AAG Ventures Pitch Deck

The Birth of AAG

Achip & Achair Guild or AAG was born with the mission to provide help to those in need. With our belief in doing well by doing good, we set out to create a new kind of guild (i.e. team).

  • We select scholars (i.e. team members) based both on their resilience in the face of hardship and Play-To-Earn performance potential
  • We ensure that scholars do not become dependent on Play-To-Earn by encouraging and incentivizing them to learn new skills such as math and programming

As a guild, AAG has demonstrated tremendous success to date because of our expertise in data analytics and capital deployment strategy. We became the second largest guild in the world (trailing only YGG!) after a mere seven weeks of operation and generated an annualized revenue run rate of $6.3m. This trajectory implies a growth rate 4.2x¹ that of YGG (currently the largest guild in the world).

Our Early Statistics After 7 Weeks of Operation (1st Week of August)


We believe that Play-To-Earn has the potential to create a new economy that works for all to create opportunity and prosperity. To achieve these lofty goals, we aim to democratize Play-To-Earn and make it so that anybody who wants to participate in this novel space can do so.

To make this happen, we must evolve from mere guild to holistic platform. Though initially important, Play-To-Earn’s viability needs more than just guilds. By providing cloud services, we aim to streamline and optimize every operational aspect of running a guild. As the preeminent Play-To-Earn platform, we strive to connect all stakeholders in this nascent space. We plan to incubate collaboration and partnership so as to ensure Play-To-Earn’s long term sustainability.

AAG Platform: The BACKBONE of Play-To-Earn

Integration is not an easy problem. Typically, decentralized applications (dApps) in the blockchain space do point-to-point integrations with other dApps. This introduces complexity and a maintenance nightmare as dApps continue to upgrade their APIs over time. This means that developers must continue to upgrade or risk having certain features stop working completely.

High-Level Architecture Diagram of AAG Platform

The AAG Platform is designed to abstract out the complexity of integration and allow any dApps to gain full sets of features provided by other stakeholders in the Play-To-Earn ecosystem. By simply integrating with AAG Platform, a guild such as YGG can reduce the amount of work required for integration which decreases time, increases quality, and reduces time to market.

Creative Possibilities

In addition to the benefit of software reuse, more business possibilities emerge as we bring in features from every corner of the Play-To-Earn space.

For example, an NFT investor with a large portfolio of NFTs may want to deploy some NFTs to earn yield, but does not have the knowledge or the patience to deal with the scholars. In this case, for a nominal fee, the investor can utilize the AAG Global Scholar Queue which will become available in 7 countries around the world (and counting).

What if you have an extra NFT when a minimum of three are needed like in Axie Infinity? This will not be a problem with AAG Platform since you will be able to deploy it into our inventory and have it automatically assigned to a scholar.

Investing In NFT For As Low As $1?

Buying an NFT in a popular game is out-of-reach for most people even before the game is even launched. A starship from Star Atlas for example can cost $30,000 or more. That’s almost 60% of the average salary in the United States²!

Source: Star Atlas Marketplace

We believe that the Play-To-Earn economy should be accessible for everyone. We will tackle this issue by allowing for fractional ownership of NFTs for as little as one dollar. Investors will be able to earn profit share via smart contracts as we deploy these NFTs into their respective games.

Want to buy a $100 stake on a cool looking spaceship you have no idea what it will be used for? No problem. We’ve got you covered!

Solving Crypto Basics for Scholars

Based on our own internal data , a majority of our scholars have never been exposed to cryptocurrencies. Since players in the Play-To-Earn space are not typically crypto-savvy, this can become very complicated. The learning curve is steep, and players face many problems. For example:

  • Losing funds due to mismanagement of wallets or scams
  • Gaining an understanding of how to trade or cash out cryptocurrencies on either centralized or decentralized exchanges

We believe that for Play-To-Earn to become mainstream we must reduce the friction caused by the management of cryptocurrencies. Not everyone is interested in dealing with cryptocurrencies, but many will want to have a chance to earn while playing their favorite games.

Taking Care of The Non-Sexy, Common Problems for Guilds

Think enterprise software meets Play-To-Earn. Our team has extensive experience in developing enterprise software and we recognized very early on that there are many common problems that must be solved for a guild to be able to grow exponentially. For example: for a 1,500-scholar guild in Axie Infinity, manually withdrawing and paying scholars took our team of 7 people 3 days to complete without taking a shower break (eww!).

With automation, tasks like these can be reduced to minutes or hours instead of days, depending on the size of your guild and the particular game and payment platform you are using. This means that your team can spend energy and time elsewhere (including taking a shower — yes!).

On AAG Platform, guild owners will gain full visibility into their operations with our historical data analytics. There will be a robust dashboard for monitoring real-time performance of their team, and facilitation of graphical trend analysis to help anticipate and prevent any potential problems.

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoyed learning about AAG Ventures and are as excited as we are in solving the problems in the Play-To-Earn space in the hopes of making it more accessible and sustainable. This article is just the first of the series of articles leading up to our public offering which will be sometime in Q4 2021 and we have plenty of exciting details to share.

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  1. AAG has been able perform our initial onboarding of Axie Infinity scholars 4.2X faster than YGG. This is due to efficient algorithms for breeding (our “secret sauce”). AAG pace: 888 scholars / month (0 to 1,480 scholars in 1.67 months from June 26 to Aug 15). YGG pace: 213 scholars / month (0 to 1,900 scholars in 9 months from Oct 2020 to June 2021 per medium). AAG : YGG ratio = (888 / 213) = 4.2X. We acknowledge that YGG’s growth happened earlier and therefore had additional challenges.
  2. Jobted | Average Salary in the U.S. (2021)

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