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TL;DR — Spark is a dead-simple GraphQL API of inspirational quotes meant to inspire end users.

Check it out here:

In some of my projects, I’ve thought about using a quotes API to get inspirational quotes and include them in loading screens, etc. When I couldn’t find an API that did exactly what I wanted, I realized that I’d be better off making my own!

Spark is a project that I’ve started, stopped, and restarted with a new set of tools and motivation several times. I tried with Express and MongoDB, which ended very early. I basically finished a…

In times of uncertainty, personally or globally, a book can be an incredibly powerful antidote.

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These 5 books help shift the mind from a place of fear and scarcity to one of focus and abundance.

What are stock options, and why do they matter?

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Let’s say you’ve just started a new job — congrats! As a part of your salary negotiation, your employer says that they’re giving your some equity, a real piece of the company you’re joining. You’ll be getting a pile of stock options! Now, before you start jumping up and down, there’s a few things you should know.

Stock options are not stock — yet. They’re the options to buy stock later. And hopefully when you buy them, they’ll be at a discounted rate.

Discounts, discounts! 💸

When you’re getting stock options from your employer, they’re called Employee Stock Options or ESO’s.

The benefits…

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Most people have an idea of what a “rich” life looks like in their heads. But how often do we stop to ask ourselves:

What is richness, anyways?

In some circles, it could mean making a certain dollar amount, having a certain type of car, owning a house of a certain size.

But I’d invite you think of another definition for what living richly means.

What if richness means living a life where you are supported and can basically cover expenses for things that you need to live on a daily basis, plus the small joys in life?

Assuming that…

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Runway Finance is a blog / Medium publication started by my friend Nishant Asher and I. We’re writing about personal finance, about richness, and about how to practically understand the seemingly complicated and jargon-filled world of personal finance.

I’m not a finance major or anything, but Nishant is. In the six years we’ve known each other, I’ve gotten a lot out of our conversations. …

What the heck is this publication?

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Runway Finance — Achieving Financial Stability

At the beginning of each year, we all hope to turn the page and start fresh with a list of new goals to achieve for the year. This usually includes losing some amount of weight, learning some type of new skill, or maybe cutting out some crappy habits. Somewhere on that list is also cutting back on expenses and saving more money. As most of us know, cutting back and saving money is easier said than done. This is especially true if you come from a background where any discussion of money is considered taboo or if you grew up…

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There are two mind and heart opening activities we can do for ourselves, by ourselves. Those two solo activities are traveling and reading. Both of them give us opportunities to create transformative change.

Travel is eye opening. It’s the epitome of adventure and newness. When one travels, they’re in the eye of the storm of change. New information, people, sights, sounds, and smells change our perspective and help us grow. That isn’t a surprise to anyone.

But in times like these, where travel isn’t as easy as it used to be, reading can be an even better replacement.

I like…

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I’ve struggled with sharing myself online. My mind likes to make up lots of reasons why I “can’t” or why I’m “not ready” to share something online.

Why? Well, really, the crux of it is that sharing is scary. When we share something that we’ve given life, it contains a part of us. That’s why the words we write, the paint we splatter, and the chords we strum are unique. Our content is connected to us, and often, we become connected to it.

To me, as a writer, I feel a sense of attachment to my words. …

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A reflection on the value of limits

Amidst the tumultuous changes in the world, I’ve been reflecting on creativity — and how ironically, the limitations we feel right now still give us everything we need to become more creative.

Embracing the Limitations

At this time of writing, the world is going through abundant limitations imposed by the spread of COVID-19.

When all of this started, my greatest challenge was to embrace the reality of our “new-normal.” I was able to accept that we needed to start social distancing. I was able to accept the facts of what the virus could do. …

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When you hear about Gratitude, you may be tempted to call it an expression of thankfulness at a given moment. Yes, gratitude can be simply that. But in its more powerful form, gratitude is a practice.

It’s a practice that can make you untouchable, fearless, and ready to jump into the inevitable uncertainties of life.

Snap out of it 👌

Sometimes, it can feel like life is going wrong. There are a couple ways to snap out of it.

  1. Putting your situation into perspective by comparing it to someone else’s
  2. Reaching for gratitude

The reason why option 1 isn’t very sustainable is that it causes…

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