Industry Leading Solar Power Plant Installation

Surya International is transforming the entire solar value chain by offering top-notch solar energy solutions to customers. Our packaged service includes smart solutions, which we keep pertaining throughout the solar power plant installation. From project development, project investment and financing, design and engineering, system component and procurement to the project construction management, balance of system optimization and operation & maintenance, we take care of everything professionally.


Before solar power plant installation, we will design and customize solar structures in proportion to the limited space available. Consistent with your power requirements, if the area is not sufficient for the standard design power plant installation, our engineers will go for a detailed engineering to draw a meticulous customized plan to accommodate the space you have and will meet the stringent norms.

Operations and Maintenance

Operation and maintenance is one of the most essential aspects after solar power plant installation, which you can’t ignore if you want to drive the power plant to achieve its projected revenue. Our major goal is to optimize the power plants for the customers to produce maximum amount of solar energy. We ensure maximum revenue generation throughout the plant’s operational life. By investing in operation and maintenance technologies we try to create and develop a sustainable and scalable solar power plant platform.

Key Solutions by Surya International

· System Design

As per your requirement, our engineering team will do a detailed engineering analysis, there by defining the purpose of mounting structure of the solar power plant systems and other system components.

· Product Selection

We will choose most suitable and best in class components for solar power plant systems. The reliability and quality of the parts is one of the most essential benchmark for our successful project accomplishments.

· Commissioning and Erection

Our installation team will undertake the whole commission and erection process including solar power plant system installation, civil work, system integration and power evacuation set-up.

· Project Management

We will complete the solar power plant installation project with reliability, equality and functional requirements by the plant systems. Our engineering team will put utmost effort to complete the project in record time.


Surya International delivers cutting-edge smart solar energy solutions with confirmed success reference from many industries.

As a full-cycle solar power plant installation service provider with knowledge of different industries, Surya International provides superior system-level solution over competitors. With expertise and quality assurance across the entire solar energy supply industry, we deliver more bankable and predictable photovoltaic energy solutions that ensure growth in energy output, decreased levelized cost of electricity and consistent grid generation, there by maximizing value for system solutions and minimizing risk for our customers.

Other Advantages

· Proven track record in solar power plant installation and project development

· Sophisticated and recognized energy solutions for customers of different industries

· Best quality solar power plant solutions with assurance of higher return on investment

· Capitalized value, diminished risk, and optimized LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Electricity)

· Benefits-rich services, all available under one roof, make power plant investment convenient and easy

Contact us today for your solar power plant installation needs. We do consultation, installation and activation of solar power system with EPC and O&M. We do execute contract of Solar Projects. We can provide all type of solar energy solutions.

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