🌟 This Part of My Life is Called … AMAL Fellowship

AMAL Academy — The AMAL Career-Prep Fellowship

Its almost been a week now since I have become an AMAL Fellow, and for those who are don’t know what Amal Academy is:

AMAL helps students build bridges to their career aspirations. They are a training academy that develops skills fundamental to pursuing your dreams.

To me, Amal is everything except formal education, we’ve group activities to flourish the spirit of team work, we brainstorm ideas, have debates and lots of fun activities to and develop an attitude of self learning.

The thing that I’ve liked most about Amal is, they really encourages you to be what you’re, they help you push the boundaries and do the stuff that we have never done before. An example of that is me writing this article. I have never written an article before. So, pardon me if you find any mistake or flow problem. Amal is like a family.

Writing this blog post is a part of our weekly project and hopefully I will be writing every week from now on wards for the next 3 months. So you can follow me to learn more about my journey and learn with with me. Back to project — we were supposed to read the Biography of Abdul Sattar Edhi Sb and relate some interesting example from his biography with the Principle of Success taught at Amal Academy and also share some experience from our life (if any), the second part of the project was to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and do some stuff, in the spirit of #JustStart, that we’d been thinking about lately but couldn’t do it due to some reasons. So, its really going to be a fun post. And I’m really excited to share my experience.

💫 My Take on Abdul Sattar Edhi’ Biography

Edhi Sb was a philanthropist from Pakistan, who is the founder of Edhi Foundation — The worlds’ largest network of ambulances along with orphanages, shelter homes and rehab centers. You can read more about him at his WikiPedia Page. Because as a part of this project, I am inclined to write more about my takeaways from his biography.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

Before I get into his principle of success and writing about the coherence between Amal’ principles of success, I would like to write about a bit of how time molded Edhi Sb to achieve this rank. Speaking metaphorically, to me Edhi Sb was not just son of Mr.Abdul Shakoor (his father), but he was result of generations. As Tehmina Durrani (the writer of his biography, to whom he narrated his life story) writes, The grandfather of Edhi lived in a Mohalla called ‘Edi’ ,which is a word of Gujrati Language meaning Lazy. But in fact the poeple of that Mohalla were vigilant, committed to hard work and born with a spirit of humanitarianism. His grand father always neglected anything surplus and always led a simple life. His father also inherited those attributes and imparted them in Edhi. Rest, it was the training of his Mother, who made him ‘Edhi’.

On wards, I’ll be jotting down a few events from his childhood and will be relating them with the Principals of Success by Amal Academy.

Edhi Sb’ Mother used to give him two paisas, one to spend by himself and one to give to his needy fellow. On returning from school, his mother would ask him if he’d given the other paisa to the needy or not, and she could easily recognize his lies from his facial expression and used to taunt him saying, “You have a selfish heart, that has nothing to give. You’ve already started to rob the poor, how much you’ll rob them in your life time?” Edhi sb used to try to avoid the taunt as much as possible. He started doing good deeds in such situations to avoid taunts. So, he #JustStarted doing good deeds. This is how at a very early age, he started ‘Amal’, without knowing its consequences and just to make his mother happy. And this is the first principle of success at Amal as well.

Following the spirit to help the needy people he developed a strong sense of observation. He shared, he could easily distinguish between a lazy and a needy person. They were quite well off financially but their family preferred to spend a simple life. They used to give a large amount of earnings to the needy people. Being in this environment and following the instructions of his mother, Edhi Sb developed a vision to help the needy. Thus, as a result of #JustStarting and doing ‘Amal’, Edhi sb recognized his passion of helping others, he recognized his traits such as selflessness and strong observations. He continued his journey based on his vision and became the World’ best humanitarian.

Being said that, I feel that the more I write about him, the less it would be. Also, my words won’t do justice with him. I would like to end by sharing a few quotes of Edhi Sb and advises of his mother that I think worth sharing. I highlighted them during my read and sharing a list here:

  • His Mother while giving him two paisas used to say, “Always find out if the person is really in need. It is poisonous to give charity to useless people, or to embarrass those who do not need it.”
  • During Ramadan his mother used to make brown envelopes of money and send him to distribute among needy saying, “ It is charity only when your left hand does not know what the right has given. When the respect of the receiver is foremost.” Further she used to say, “The burden of need and the shame of charity increases with knowledge of the hand that extends it; then relief transforms into embarrassment.”
  • Edhi Sb says, “I hated failure and I knew that success was synonymous with efforts.”
  • Edhi Sb was a strong believer of Amal, he often used to say, “Start Small, but don’t think small. Its important to think without limitations, Confining ideas stunt potential.”
  • His Mother used to say to him, “Empty words and long praises do not impress Him (Allah swt). Show Him your faith by your deeds, otherwise why would He believe you?”

After reading the above mentioned quotes, I guess you can see the reason when I said above that It was Edhi Sb’ Mother who made him Edhi. And the reason I really like what I mentioned above is, this whole stuff made Edhi Sb a role modal and I believe we can achieve, whatever we want in our lives just by deploying those principles.

If you’re really interested in reading more about Edhi Sb, I would suggest read by Tehmina Durrani, who spent two years with Edhi Sb, recording his life events and then wrote his biography.

One example from my life that aligns with Edhi Sb’ principles and Amal’ principle of success, is of ‘Kam, Kam or Kam’. This is the principle that made me what I’m today, working hard through my F.Sc and E-CAT exams, I made my way to University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. And this is where I stand today.

🎯My #JustStart Project

#JustStart is one of the many traits imparted in Amal Fellows, which means one should just start doing the stuff instead of thinking about the stuff he loves or want to accomplish. And it helped me a lot.

I’d always thought of starting my personal blog. Mr. Ahmad Awais , who is a Full Stack WordPress Developer & Designer, a Teacher and TEDx Speaker, has always pushed me to start my own blog and build my identity. You can learn more about him at his blog. I’d been postponing it for a long time now, waiting for the right time to start. I always thought what would I write and what would I share. I thought to postpone the idea of personal blog until I accomplish some stuff and get something to write. But being at Amal, I have realized that the idea of #JustStarting is important than mere thoughts and waiting for right time. And yes, one thing more, my love for emojis is also inspired by Mr.Ahmad. ;)

So, finally I pushed myself forward and went ahead to start my personal blog. It just went live, and I have not yet published my first post there, such a procrastinator I am. But yes, I am excited about my blog, hopefully I will be posting some cool stuff about my learning, inspirations, experiences and hobbies. Would love to see you people there.

I would also like to thanks Ammar Ali who helped me setting up my blog.

Let me know what you thoughts about my journey in the comments. Follow me on medium and twitter to get more updates on my fellowship and personal blog. If you are interested in learning about Amal Fellowship, visit their website here.