5 Amazing Social Media Marketing Tips for your eCommerce Store

With the online business world getting competitive day by day, it is very difficult for the business houses to get more customers. Sometimes, it even gets difficult to keep the existing clients with them. One of the common reasons for the loss of clients or not so many visitors on your store is lack of social media marketing.

Today, it is very important to spread the word, else you will be lost in the virtual world and no one will ever come to know that you exist. Some of the things that you can do as a business house is cover all the aspects of marketing. Don’t leave any stone unturned to get business to your store. Here are few tips

  1. Let them pin: Make it easier for the visitors to pin your products on Pinterest. It is a very easy and useful method of advertising your product. If the user likes your product, he or she would like to pin it on their Pinterest account, in this way your product gets another window of opportunity to be showcased. Other people who check the Pinterest of your client will see your product and chances of them knowing of your product and visiting your website increases.
  2. Play a game: Excite and engage your customers by asking them answer a few questions or solving a small puzzle to win some prize. Tell them to answer the puzzle with your store link on twitter or instagram. Tell them not to forget to hashtag your store when they solve the puzzle online. And yes, when you mention the answer don’t forget to mention them. This helps in building client’s trust and your business.
  3. Start a blog: Start a blog on your online store. Every day update with at least one or two blogs. Tell them, new tips and tricks they need to know about how your product can be useful. Use interesting tag lines or headlines to attract the attention. Tell your clients to share your blog on Facebook or twitter if they like it.
  4. Short and Sweet Content: It is also called the Micro Content today. The customers who come to your online store do not have patience to go through long articles. Even if you have used good words and poured in good thoughts, the chances of capturing the attention is 2 of 10, which is not a good ratio. So, it is advisable to keep your content short and crisp. Try and cover all you want to say in few words and make them looking for more…
  5. Ask for product reviews: Provide your customers some leverage to write reviews for your products. Post them on your site, so that the new customers who visit your website come to know about your positives not from you but from your existing clients. It will act as word of mouth that will in return help you increase your business.

Keeping these small things in mind can help you take your business to great heights. For eCommerce web development and digital marketing services kindly email us at sales@egrovesys.com