eCommerce and its impact on retail business

Today, the world is witnessing a quick transformation into digital platform with more and more people embracing the online buying trend. Consumers and offline retail businesses are joining this platform like a revolution in every manner they can, whether it is sale of products and services or blogging through the social media. So, without a digital presence, it is very hard to have a great impact in the trading process. This is the main reason for the intrusion of eCommerce sites in all walks of life which offers all the features and benefits an online business and its users expect to experience a hassle free online presence.

What is an online Retail Shopping portal?

Online shopping, otherwise known as online retailing, is a kind of eCommerce which facilitates consumers to buy products and services from the convenience of their homes using the internet. The online retail shopping portal refers to the website which permits consumers to purchase goods and services. Ever since its introduction, this type of eCommerce has become a rage across the world and more and more consumers are getting attracted to the idea of online shopping, instead of an offline shopping process. Due to the wide patronage, these online retail websites calls for excellent web systems in place, in order to ensure that they are easily accessible anytime.

The main reason for opting for a proper and specialized eCommerce website development service provider for the building an eCommerce website is that these service providers offer the retail businesses with excellent designs for their sites which are not only appealing, but also enable easy accessibility to the user.

Impact of eCommerce on retail business

The impact of eCommerce is visible conspicuously in the retail business in getting across to targeted customers all over the world in an easier manner. There are customers scattered across the globe and with the assistance of eCommerce, the retail store owner can get across to them in a very short amount of time. Thus, the expenses of travelling are saved and it becomes a cost effective means to market and generate business on a global scale.

Since the online trading process is one that is a very cost effective platform of delivery of goods and services, it has the major advantage of being a single platform where both vendors and consumers are able to interact. The benefits of eCommerce in this regard mitigate the costs of the generation, the processing and the distribution of advertising and marketing in its print format. Also, the costs of mailing are saved and this facilitates retail stores to invest in other operational areas of the business.

Yet another benefit of eCommerce is that the costs of promotion of the product and service are reduced and the retail business just needs to bear the costs of shipping when transporting the goods to the desired destination. There several retail businesses that have experienced a drastic increase in the sales of their products and services after switching over to eCommerce platform. The benefits of eCommerce for the retail businesses are that it enhances both sales and profits that lead to the increase of revenue on a large scale.

From the customer perspective, buying product or services online via online retail store has a lot benefits. By shopping online, the consumer is relieved of the stress to physically walk-in to the store to make a purchase. As the product descriptions as well as specification are well laid out on the web site, consumer can take an informed decision prior to making the purchase.

Another feature of eCommerce that helps retail business is in marketing and branding. The e-commerce developers adopt unique strategies and solutions such as SEO optimization and social media marketing etc to facilitate retail business to have more visibility on the internet and helps build a name for it.

Accessibility of eCommerce platforms

In order to make a successful retail online storefront, there are host of eCommerce Platforms out in the market that makes the job of building an efficient eCommerce website a hassle free process.


Being the first entrant in the eCommerce domain, Shopify has accessed huge popularity among eCommerce site developers. It is one of the simplest, yet widely patronized platforms that facilitate setting up a retail online store effortlessly. With quick installation, functionality, flexibility, fast loading and secure payment gateway, Shopify stands apart from other e-commerce platforms. In addition, it automatically generates an XML sitemap and enables titles or Meta Tags to eliminate duplicity and helps to make an SEO-friendly website.


The second best option for building an efficient eCommerce website is WooCommerce that is totally customizable and offers a shopping cart and payment gateway, to make the buying process easier. It is one of the widely used WordPress Plugins, which is open source to use and extends countless benefits for the online storefront.


Big Commerce is a perfect eCommerce platform, especially for the startup online business ventures. Apart from enabling the retail business to add as many products as it wants, it also offers a review and rating cards and acts as basic marketing tools for the success of an e-store.


In conclusion, the impact of eCommerce on the retail business is visible in the opportunity to focus on a group of selective customers. The process of eCommerce website development enables the retail business to segment the market and sell the targeted product or service with ease. This makes easy and inexpensive customization of the retail business services and products that in turn results in the generation of profits and revenue for the business.