How To Improve Sales During The Festive Season Using Mobile Commerce ?

The festive season is the best time to help you multiply your sales. This is the time when people love to buy. And what best can be if they can get things that they wish to buy at home.

So, as an online retailer make it easier for them and profitable to yourself! If you have designed your store for the mobile, then you have won half the battle. The rest is to attract the client to your Magento and PrestaShop mobile app now.

Here are few tips as in what you can do to boost the sales during the festive season on your eCommerce app:

1. Push Notifications for Loyalty Customers: Tell the customers about the sales or discount you are about to put through push notifications.

Give them special discounts for being a loyal customer. This will make them visit your store.

2. Free delivery: Promise free delivery if purchased in a given period of time and a particular amount.

3. Reminders: Send them reminders about the exclusive sale that you have started especially for the festive season.

4. Festive look: Change the look of the store, make it look more festive. Put your entire stock online; highlight the products that you want to be sold. Design your eCommerce app according to the festival. Customize the look as per the festival so that the customer feels connected to your store.

5. Offers: The customers love to know the day to day offer that you have for them. So keep coming up with best offers and keep sending them a notification or a reminder. This will definitely help you increase your sales.

6. QR Code: Customers love scanning QR codes that are sent to them. These are like surprise gifts for them. Send them the codes and tell them to access these within the given span to avail the discounts.

7. Quick loading: It is important to keep in mind the amount of visitors that you will have on your commerce app. So, it should be important that whatever the client is looking for the page uploads/ opens fast. If there is a delay of more than 10 seconds, you will surely lose your client. So, ensure quick loading of pages during the festive season, so that you get good sales.

8. Quick checkout points: While you have customers surfing your store from mobile, it is very important that they have checkout points that are not very time-consuming. That can also be one of the points that make you lose your customers. After the selection, if they don’t get good checkout points it will result in no sales. So, you need to be sure of it.

9. Good customer care and email support: It is festive season, and a good customer support and email support can help you earn customers. Concentrating on your loyal customers, providing them with all the details and help they require, will help in increasing their interest in shopping with you.