Saar Pilosof’s Best 5 Smart Home Devices

Smart homes and smart devices are increasing in popularity these days. While not all smart homes will have the same types of devices, there are some smart devices that are in greater demand than others. Saar Pilasof Explains 5 of the best smart home devices available today:

1. Voice Activated Personal Assistants — This includes smart devices such as Echo, which is a Bluetooth speaker that is powered by the virtual assistant, Alexa.

2. Smart Remote-Control Devices — These devices control your smart TV, your stereo, WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-wave and other devices in the home.

3. Smart Surveillance/Security cameras — Many of these are wireless, weather proof devices that may offer voice-triggered recording of specific areas.

4. Smart Locks — These work in conjunction with regular door locks and allows users to gain access via smart phone control.

5. Smart Heating and Cooling Devices — These allow you to control temperatures using your smartphone or other mobile devices.

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