What’s more natural than making your home smart?

This laptop is my house manager

Technology and the advancement of it all is truly, a luxury like no other since in this day and age, most of us live and breathe daily technology and use it for improving our convenience.

With modernized technology, our daily lives have become so much easier, our houses and gadgets are controlled by computer based technology, and this is all controlled by our iPhone. One way to look at it is the conservative point of view, which is namely “The kids of today are addicted to their phones”. I, however, prefer the generation Y approach, or in other words “keep your hands off my phone, I need it!”.

This goes far beyond pastime activities (which do have their own value), to the necessities of life — the management of your home. So, for those of you who are not familiar with the concept of a “smart home”, it is a house which has electronic strategies and can be controlled remotely by a phone or a computer. Why is this so important?

Technology is life changing

How is this life changing, you ask? Well, it is important to remember that technology is an important tool in modern life, and you must keep up in order to stay in the game. I know what you might worry about the smart home “taking over your life”. Here, it is very important to acknowledge your fears from modernity. Remember this, that technology is our friend, and there is nothing to be scared of.

It’s Super Convenient

I bet you could’ve guessed it even without this insightful blog, but still I think this is the main attraction in implementing the Smart Home in your own house. Have you ever dreamed of having a timer to your shades so you could easily wake up in the morning? Easy. How about leaving the house at a hot steamy summer day and knowing the you AC will cool off the house for you 15 min before you return? That’s not only really convenient, but it saves you money. Which leads to my next point -

Cost and Energy Saving

This is truly, one of my favorite points about using the smart home. All fears from modernization comes down to one point — “it’s not natural”. But, we already know that using a dishwasher or a washing machine saves a lot of water — which makes it better for preserving nature. If you do wish to maintain a natural life style, it is time to make your home smarter, for the sake of our earth.