The Mastermind Experience

Saasha Callaghan
May 24, 2018 · 2 min read

I use to be one of those people who would always attend those courses, you many know what I’m talking about. It ranged from financial, personal development, property development, leadership, public speaking and the big one of all, business and marketing development.

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Yes, I did gain a lot of information but when you are on the journey to develop your business it can get really lonely and can loose momentum to take action. However the biggest downfall I had was the misdirection I had when taking my business to the “next level”. I’m sure all those entrepreneurs or business owners out there have heard this before, the elusive “next level” but how many people know what this level actually looks like? I knew it was a level but I just didn't know what button to press when I was in the elevator, I was pressing the unmarked buttons and hoping for a win.

Thankfully it was not all doom and gloom — I had a random encounter with someone who had all the blueprints to the building and knew what button to press to reach this “next level”. This level was called The Mastermind. Interestingly I had never heard of any of the mentors in this group but learnt quickly that through their huge successes they were willing to show the proven methods. I must warn you, we are not talking about basic strategies of what colours and banner layouts to use to get more clicks on an ad. It is the teaching of strategic thinking (lol, love a tongue twister) and understanding the industry market in a depth I had never known.

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Meeting like minded business owners looking to go to the next level

Want to know the best part? You are never alone, because if your willing to put the effort in you are constantly pushed by other like minded “Master-miners” to create the best outcome for your business. I have been a witness to so much growth and success and I don’t think I could ever be without this group. Purely because every single member of The Mastermind helps and supports each other and isn’t that what we all look for personally and in business?

I share this only for others who are wanting the blueprints for success and replicate for their business. If you are looking to build then head to this page BUT only if your ready!!! I would never share something so intimate and intense unless you were ready to grow beyond your strengths.

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